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ReStore Guest Blog: Forget Brand-New

Forget Brand-New

5 Ways to Furnish Your Home at ReStore


When you’re looking for home decor and furnishings, Habitat for Humanity is likely far from your mind — but that’s a mistake. Habitat for Humanity collects donations of unique home goods to sell at Habitat ReStore locations around the country. So, while you’re browsing hundreds of items to make your home more beautiful, comfortable, and useful, you’re supporting Habitat for Humanity’s mission of providing a home for those in need. While you’re shopping ReStore, here are five projects to keep in mind for your home.


Symmetrical Side Tables

Side tables don’t need to match to be symmetrical, useful additions to a living or bedroom. If you find two that are relatively the same height and width, a simple coat of paint and matching hardware can unify the two tables and create visual balance. Before painting, you’ll want to remove the current hardware and drawers and sand down the surfaces to help the new paint stick.


Unique Bedframe

Depending on your skill with power tools, you can design and build a custom bed frame that has all of the aesthetic appeal, storage, and stability you need. ReStore sells used furniture as well as discarded and surplus building materials, giving you myriad elements to use in your DIY designs. For a simpler frame, try picking up some old metal pipes to make the legs and headboard outline, or collect discarded wood to assemble a full frame with built-in drawers or side tables. (Or, to make things easy, just look for a great secondhand headboard, and supplement it with a simple frame.)


DIY Shelf

If the bedframe is a bit out of your purview but you’d still like to ramp up your handy skills, try making a simple shelf instead. With ReStore’s donated building materials, select several pieces of sturdy wood, and make sure that they’re relatively the same width. Boards in hand, you can make yourself a matching set of floating wall shelves or a full bookcase. Just browse websites for ideas, and then set to work on your one-of-a-kind creation.


Eclectic Lamps

Much like the side tables, different styles of lamps can be unified into a cohesive set. If you select a few lamps of the same finish — wood, chrome, gold, or porcelain — updating the lampshades to all the same color, shape, or material can instantly create an eclectic constellation of lighting.


Refreshed Upholstery

Fabrics are typically some of the less-appealing items to purchase secondhand; while wood picks up a rich patina, cloth wears and tears and retains years of smells. But that shouldn’t prevent you from picking up that charming set of dining room chairs or vintage couch — you can just upholster them to match your decor! You can find ample tips online for successful upholstery projects, and then get to work revamping those chair backs, cushions, ottomans, and more into just the thing your living room needs.


You don’t need to purchase new to give your home a chic feel. In fact, using secondhand supplies and furnishings can give your space a unique personality that you’ll be happy to come home to.


Sam Radbil is a contributing member of the marketing and communications team at ABODO, an online apartment marketplace. ABODO Louisville apartments was founded in 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin. And in just three years, the company has grown to more than 30 employees, raised over $8M in outside funding and helps more than half a million renters find a new home each month.

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