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ReStore Helpful Hints: Small Upgrades

It’s the small things in life that often make a difference.  It’s also the small things that are overlooked, especially in the home.  Small features of a home have a tendency to blend in to the background of daily life.  You may not notice these things but guests certainly do, and so will you after the change is made.  Below are several suggestions for small upgrades with big impact that you can make to your home with minimal effort and cost.  Best of all the Louisville Habitat ReStores regularly carry all of these items so stop by and take a look!

Empty Walls – filling a wall with framed art is a great opportunity to tie an empty feeling room together with common colors, or make a statement with accent colors

Light/Wall Outlet Plates – the easiest upgrade of them all, wall plates, make sure they match and reflect the style of your home

Door Knobs/Handles – replacing cabinetry knobs and handles is cheap and easy, take you measurements and start looking

Lighting – adding a well placed floor or table lamp in the corner of a room can produce much needed added light and warmth

Storage – adding a trunk or chest, end table, ottoman, coffee table, etc. with storage space is a great way to fill out a room while adding space to store non daily use items

If you have made a small upgrade of your own with an item from the ReStore we would love to hear from you, email us at


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