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ReStore ReUse Tips: Doors

As many of you may know the best way to recycle is to reuse!  Reuseing objects not only saves the need of consuming something new, it also extends the life of whatever you choose to reuse.  In this case we are focusing on an item the Habitat ReStore continually has a large stock of, doors in all shapes and sizes.  Here are 5 clever ideas on how to reuse a door without putting it in a doorway.

Table – This is one of the most common ways to reuse a door.  There are many simple plans out there on how to make a table base. Or you can cut the door into sections and make a box to serve as an end/coffee table.

Headboard –  This one may be the easiest, all you have to do is stand them up and attach your bed frame to them.  If you want to be a little more ambitious you can add crown molding around the sides.

Floor Mirror – Many doors have a center section you can either pop or cut out.  Simply order a mirror to the specific size and install.

Folding Divider – Small closet doors can be hinged together to form a divider to separate large spaces.

Coat Rack – Attach a few hook and away you go.  If you would like to add a bench at the bottom for storage that can be easily done as well!

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